These Proven Home Remedies Helps You To Purify Your Lungs In 72 Hours

Yes, you heard it right.  This is definitely achievable if you put your mind to it.  Adopting natural techniques and herbs in your diet and changing your lifestyle habits are going to show immense results. Let us see how this is possible and achievable.

Did you notice few people have smoked their entire lives, had all the fun of smoking with friends, but still their lungs are healthy?  What is the reason for this?  Yes we can just say their genetics and definitely body constitution.

Cleansing the lungs in 72 hours as we say is not very difficult if we have the will power and put our mind to it.

Get rid of dairy products like milk, butter, cheese and other milk products.  Say no to them.  When we introduce milk products, the body stores toxins. So get rid of toxins that are produced when we consume milk products.

Herbal teas or organic tea helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.  Initially, you may experience constipation, but this is a sure shot way to get rid of unnecessary toxins which are causing harm to your lungs.

Drinking warm water squeezed with lemon helps. To be precise squeeze the juice of two lemons in 300 ml of water and drink it before breakfast.  Lemon is acidic and helps flush out the toxins from your lungs

The other good choice is juice of grapefruit.  You may choose pineapple juice if you are not very happy with the lemon juice.  As long as these are natural juices, it will not affect the natural working of your lungs.  The magic is to go natural.  Many of these natural juices contain anti oxidants and help in natural cleansing of the body.

Carrot juice about 300 ml taken as mid lunch helps in alkalizing your blood during the 72 hour period.

The trick is to not load your lungs and at the same time eliminate the toxins from the lungs.

The natural juices of grapefruit, lemon and pineapple help in improvising the breathing system of yourbody.

Carrot juice is a cleanser by itself and is ideal for the body even otherwise. When it comes to lung cleansing, it does the cleaning effect internally.

Juices with potassium lend a cleansing effect and have it in lunch time.  It fights bacterial effectively and this prevents lung infection.

Approximately 400 ml of the juice of cranberry will help fighting bacteria that is present in the lungs. This means you will be automatically fighting the infection in a healthy manner.

Give yourself  time for 72 hours and see the change in you

  • Go for natural juices, treat your body well and see the change.  You will be in for a surprise.
  • Hot baths help always. It is one way to release the toxins through sweating. The more you hot bath, the higher is the release of toxins.
  • Inhale the steam of eucalyptus in hot water and cover your head with a heavy towel. You will sweat and release toxins. When you inhale, it lends a soothing effect as well.

Walk you way to release toxins

  • Yes, it is not about 72 hours to release toxins from your lungs. But it means, consistency when it comes to walking. Walking pumps blood to your heart and oxygen to your lungs.
  • The lungs thus release toxins from the body. Keep your body well hydrated. Your body is 70% water so try and drink as much water as possible.


What we can decipher from the above is that, it is possible to get your lungs cleansed if natural herbs are used and if we consistently follow all the prescribed routine and within 72 hours, you can see the sea change in you.

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