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The Most Effective Exercises In Dumbbell Training

Dumbbell training is the ideal power building program for your own home. The basic equipment is favorable in relation to power stations and takes up only a small amount of space. The training with dumbbells is very effective, extremely versatile and practicable at any place and at any time. Moreover, it is far more than pure strength training for muscle building. Balanced dumbbell training promotes fat burning, strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases overall fitness, improves coordination and floods the body with happiness hormones.

Best Dumbbell Exercises

Number Of Repetitions

The number of repetitions always depends on the training goals as well. Six to twelve repetitions per set are aimed at muscle building. As a beginner you can start with 1-2 sets per muscle group.

Bicep Curls With Barbell

Grasp the barbell or  bar about shoulder width. The palms are placed under the bar with this handle. The thumbs point outward. Then, think about hip and stabilize your body in an upright position by tightening abdominal and glutes and gently pulling the shoulders backwards. Now slowly drop the weight by bending the elbow. If the pole is just above the thigh, tighten your upper arms and re-raise the weight by bending the elbow again.

Single-Handed Triceps

Grab a dumbbell training

 and imagine hip. Now stretch the arm with the dumbbell straight up, but do not make sure that the arm is not completely stretched to save the joint. For the exercise, the arm is bent sideways through the elbow joint up to an angle of just under 90 degrees, so that the dumbbell is at the reverse point approximately on head. Now turn the movement around again and stretch the arm back into the starting position through the elbow joint.

Flying On The Inclined Bench

Take a dumbbell in each hand and place your back on the inclined bench. Head, back and buttocks are on the bench. The legs are slightly spread out towards the ground and the feet are firmly placed on the ground. Now stretch the arms upwards and make sure, as always, that the arms do not fully stretch, but maintain a small diffraction angle. For optimal stabilization, tighten the abdominal muscles. Start with the exercise by slowly dropping the arms to the side in the almost stretched posture.

dumbbell training

Flying Backward

Grab a dumbbell for each hand. Now bend your upper body straight forward through the hips until it is parallel to the ground, while at the same time you are easily kneeling. It is important that the back is just stretched out and that you make a light hollow in the lower back. The exercise starts by lifting the dumbbells with the arms almost stretched sideways upwards. Run the dumbbells slightly beyond the head. Then, run the arms controlled and continue almost stretched back down.

Shoulder Press

Set the incline bench to the top level with maximum tilt. Take a dumbbell training

 in each hand and sit on the bench with a stretched back. The back is located at the inclined part of the slant bench and forms a light hollow in the lower part. The legs fall to the left and right of the weight bench towards the ground and are slightly spread. Stretch your arms almost over your head. The dumbbells are now almost next to each other and may also touch each other. Now run both arms over the elbows straight and controlled downwards.


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