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Learn about the Eight symptoms of cholesterol at early stage

It is important to know the symptoms of cholesterol from early on. Many of them are trying to find a way how to lower cholesterol levels when the lab results showed the cholesterol levels in the blood are too high experienced by sufferers.
Serious danger posed from disease resulting in cholesterol heart disease due to a blockage in the blood vessels. For that inspection is routinely and periodically need to be done to prevent the arrival of this disease.

To know that we have been exposed to the disease, cholesterol, cholesterol symptoms to identify the following :

 1. Frequent tingling and crampsThe blood circulation is not smoothly because of rising levels of bad cholesterol in the blood vessels in the body especially on any part of the feet and hands became symptoms of cholesterol to look out for. As a consequence will be felt tingling and cramps.

2. Often experience dizziness at the back of the headBlockage of the flow of the blood vessels in the head will impact seriously resulting in stroke. If it’s a common problem experienced in the often giddy in the head, the alert. Often times in this issue most people prefer to consume drugs headache reliever. When that happens, it’s good to drink plain water and do break it first. After illness does not feel again, exercise and eating a healthy diet.

3. Left chest pain that often
The chest is the location of the heart. If the perceived pain occurs around the left chest that bearti the flow of the blood vessels in your heart is troubled. Don’t let this drag on, consult a doctor immediately if this is all too often you experience. Bad events that will overwrite until had a heart attack.
4. Changes in the color of the nail The changes that occur in the nails can be pale creature due to blood flow less smoothly. Blood flow less smoothly also resulted in the growth of the nail slowly while the nail is cut.
 5. The process of slow wound pemuihan This has to do with the symptoms of diabetes mainly occurs on the feet.


6. Bloated stomach Flatulence is not only caused by the cold. This symptom may occur due to the process of digestion and metabolism in a channel obstructed and indigestion will result in the onset of gas that occurs in the intestinal tract and then leads to the abdominal area.


7. Numbness The symptoms that occur from tingling, but gradually the tingling was continuing to recover. This usually occurs on the fingertips and feet area.


8. Excess weightMany factors cause overweight are high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Obesity results in a buildup of fat nasty on blood vessels. For that you need to consider the makananan intake to prevent high cholesterol levels.

That’s the eight symptoms of cholesterol should you beware. Immediately find solutions such as changing diet and a regular exercise as a form of healthy life patterns.

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