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How to Stay in Shape During the Summer Months

With the weather changing and the outdoors looking quite enticing, it is almost impossible to stay inside. Even though everyone’s first desire is to venture outside, throw their towel down, and soak up some much needed Vitamin D, the summer also offers the most convenient atmosphere for staying fit. Simply going outside is all the inspiration needed to be active. A change of scenery can be all that you need to boost your drive to workout, especially if you live near the countryside.

Get lost running a new route each time and take in the unfamiliar surroundings. You will travel the same amount, if not further, and it will not feel as grueling as staring at the same window or TV screen as when you are running on a treadmill. Running at the gym or on a treadmill can be very boring and repetitive.

onsistency is just as important as switching it up – introducing different challenges into your routine will add a different, and often enjoyable, aspect to your regimen.  Different terrain, fresh air, and new surroundings can be all you need.

Running outdoors is much more enjoyable and diverts your focus so it may not even feel like you are working out. Go on a run in the morning – it is the coolest part of the day, as well as the quietest.Another great way to stay motivated and outdoors in the summer months is to get together with friends. Support in groups is the perfect ingredient for success.

With having people relying on you, as well as relying on others, you will be sure stick with your routines and not give up – being in groups is conducive to continuity. It is also a lot easier to get involved with different activities when in a group setting – hiking, volleyball, basketball, Frisbee, biking.

All of these things are much more enjoyable when you are accompanied by friends. Taking a bike around the park with a couple friends is a great way to spend your afternoon. Even if you don’t own a bike, most parks have bike rentals located nearby. If not, it’s always easy to find a second-hand bicycle via local classifieds online.

Another great a way to stay in shape is jogging. Walking is the easiest exercise form of exercise. Even just walking for thirty minute a day for five every week can help immensely in such a short period time. Even though playing outside can seem harmless, there are several precautions that you should take in the summer months; drink plenty of water and take breaks to avoid sunburn and avoid heat sunscreen.

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