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How to deal with the sugar craving?

Are you one of those addicted who crave for sugar every 2 hours? I know how difficult it is to keep yourself away from sugar, as our brain become addicted to this demon. It is important to deal with this craving with patience. So these tips are for you:

Eat breakfast full of carb , fat and protein: Having a breakfast which is full of all the proper nutrients like carb and proteins keeps you full for longer. And you won’t feel the need of eating anything sugary.

Keep your favorite sugary food at unreachable place: If you keep the sugary food at places that are difficult to reach in your home then you can easily keep yourself away from sugar.

Eat healthy fats: This will keep you full and you will less likely to reach for unhealthy fats.

Spice up your food: Add spicy ingredients in your food like nutmeg, coriander to sweeten your food and reduce sugar craving.

Distract yourself: craving does not last for longer period. If you manage to distract yourself at that point of time then you will no longer feel the need of eating sugar. To distract yourself, go for a walk, do some workout or anything that works in your favor.

Satisfy your craving: When you can’t resist yourself from sugar, just grab a food or drink a cup of hot tea by adding some honey. It will satisfy your sugar craving.

Eat every 2 hours: If you keep long gaps between your meals then you may end up craving for sugar. So make sure to eat at regular interval, it will also keep your blood level stable.

Add vitamin, mineral and other fatty acids in your diet: Sometime nutrient deficiency also cause craving. So eat proper nutrients to keep your sugar level stable.

Get proper sleep: When we feel tired we run for sugary food to keep the energy level up. So get enough sleep.

Understand your emotions: Most of the time people satisfy their emotional needs by having a piece of cake, pastry or other comfort food. So understand your emotional needs and don’t fulfill it by sugar.

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