Foods That Discolor The Teeth

If your teeth have a yellow color, you should do without any sour foods. The reason for this: the acids from citrus fruits soften the enamel superficially. Minerals are washed out and the enamel loses its thickness. If the protective melting layer is gone, the acids also attack the dentine-or even dentin-over.

Foods That Stain Your Teeth

This can cause your teeth to react very sensitively to heat or cold. If you eat citrus fruits, you should be aware of this: do not clean your teeth directly after eating so that you do not simply “brush off” your softened melting surface. discolors the teeth for many people.

Coffee Discolors The Teeth

For many people, coffee in the morning is easy to get into the hallways. Unfortunately, the beverage is also responsible for unsightly discoloration of the teeth. More precisely, the tannins are stored on the enamel, which cause unsightly brown stains. Plus the so-called coffee acid changes the ph value in the mouth. Acidic foods should therefore be dispensed with, as the teeth are more sensitive.

Beware Of Smoothies

Smoothies are real vitamin bombs, but beware: in particular classic fruit mixes have a high fruit sugar and acidity content. The processing fruits contain acids that descale the teeth and cause erosion damage. Teeth become sensitive and painful.
Those who want to protect their teeth should rather use green smoothies-or low fruits. In general, ripe fruits are recommended for mixing, as they naturally have less acidity.

discolor teeth

Tartaric Acid Attacks Teeth

A glass of wine is supposed to be good for health, but bad for your teeth. The tartaric acid attacks the enamel-and the well-known tannins ensure that your teeth become discolored. But one thing is a sigh of relief: Experts found that red wine is a good remedy in the fight against bacteria in the mouth.


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