3 Reasons Of Obesity Disease

Obesity is now one of the most widespread diseases in the industrialised countries. Despite intensive scientific research, it has not been possible to demonstrate that obesity disease and overweight are inherited. Obese parents do not necessarily have to have obese children. The fact that this is often the case is not due to the inheritance but to the family eating habits that the child learns as early as the infant age.

Primary Causes of Obesity

Overweight and obesity are the visible consequences of wrong eating habits. Initially invisible, however, are diseases that are associated with obesity or are a consequence of obesity.

Overweight Due To Lack Of Movement

We are not moving too much because of the increasing numbers of activities that are commonplace both at school and in work. A similar picture can be seen in leisure time: thanks to social networks, it is possible to contact friends and family from home via the Internet. So we spend many hours a day in front of the smartphone or PC without putting us in motion. The daily energy requirement of the body is therefore not high.

Mental Illness

If moods are maintained over a long period of time, there may well be a depressed mood and a depression develops, which as well as fears and stress. They are often compensated by food. Worries, frustration and inner emptiness are swallowed up with the food. Obese suffer not only from their weight, but also from their appearance. This can in turn be the cause of the emergence of mental problems. These are compensated by even more food.

obesity disease

Genetic Predisposition

In many cases, genetic plays a role in the development of obesity. However, often the genetic factors can be countered by a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. With a healthy lifestyle, people with a predisposition to fat can still maintain their normal weight.


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