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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Geranium Oil

Geranium oil has various fabulous health benefits. Its use is being recognised more and more in medical science. It has many helpful benefits due to its astringent properties, new cell building properties, anti marks properties, anti fungal properties, etc

Geranium oil can be used in various segments like health, beauty and skincare.

Read on to know its Amazing benefits:

1. Astringent Properties:

The main work of an astringent is to contract the skin, muscles and blood vessels. Geranium oil has such astringent properties and therefore its consumption can help you get rid of loose skin and also helps in contracting blood vessels leading to faster clotting.

2. Spots and Marks Correction Action:

This is a great property of geranium oil.  Skin discolouration, acne marks or pox marks fade away to a great extent by applying this oil. It also helps blood circulation beneath the skin increase so that the melanin on the skin is spread evenly.

3. New Cell Generation:

Geranium oil has new cell formation properties. This helps the body to renew tissues and recyle old tissues.

4. Diuretic Properties:

Other than excretion and perspiration or sweating, urinating is one of the 3 forms of excretions from the human body. The best way of keeping toxins out of the body is urination. Consumption of geranium oil helps in increasing urination and therefore all toxins of the body are driven out which is a good thing for the body.

5. Styptic Properties:

It helps in contracting the blood vessels which in turn helps in blood clotting. So it can be applied on wounds to help stop the blood flow.

6. Tonic For The Body:

Geranium oil when consumed can energize the body and make it work properly by regulating enzyme and hormone production.

7. Deodorant Properties:

Geranium oil has a minty and floral aroma and also helps in controlling sebum production. It therefore can work as a good deodorant.

8. Anti Worm Benefits:

This is an exceptional oil which helps to prevent intestinal worms, in children and also in adults.

9. Antibacterial Benefits:

Geranium oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can be applied on wounds for healing them faster. It prevents formation of bad microbes in cuts and wounds since it has anti-microbial properties.

10. Anti- Depression Properties:

Geranium oil has anti depression properties. It helps to sooth and relax nerves. It also helps in post menopause syndrome.

Tips: It may not be suitable for pregnant women. They should only use essential oils with proper prescription from a good physician.

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