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You Can Significantly Smooth Your Hair Without Straightening it

If you regularly straighten your hair, you will also be straining it at the same time. Reason enough to put the straightening out of hand more often. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to dispense with a smooth mane! Here you will find the possibilities and home remedies with which you can smooth your hair without straightening.

Hair Straightening Methods

Smoothing Shampoo & Rinse

Use a special smoothing shampoo with a suitable rinse when washing. Then dry your hair with a microfiber cloth so that the surface of your hair is not as brushed as a normal one. If your hair is not so wet, you should always comb it as you dry it in the air.

Keratin Smoothing

The keratin smoothing is a good alternative to chemical permanent smoothing. It is less damaging, since keratin is a hair’s own substance and lasts about 6 to 10 weeks. The hairdresser of your trust can save you weeks of smoothing with the straightening.

Smoothing Heat Protection & Hair Dryer

If you do not have a round brush, you can also simply apply a smoothing heat protection (you should always protect your hair from the styling with heat anyway) and comb your hair over and over again during the drying.

Smoothing Brush

Smoothing brushes have been conquering the market for some time and are increasingly being used as a more gentle alternative to straightening. With the additional application of a smoothing heat protection you can get great results here.

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Hair Clips

Separate parts of your still moist hair. Pull it long and smooth around your head. Attach them with hair clips or clasps and let the whole thing dry.

Other Easy Methods

Do not blow up your hair upside down, as it will not be smooth but uncontrollably voluminous. Comb your hair as long as they are wet. Use anti-frizz products to keep the little frizzy hairs on your head and not to get unloved waves at high humidity.


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