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What Are The Causes And What Really Helps Against Hair Loss?

In menopause, the body of a woman makes many changes. The reversal of the hormonal budget not only leaves the period. Hot flashes, sleep disturbances, moods, dryness of the skin and hair loss accompany women in the years around menopause. Especially the loss of a once full hair splendor can be very stressful for many women: the crest becomes thinner and the individual strands finer.

Stop Hair Loss Naturally

The reason for the failure lies in the hair roots, which react sensitively to the hormonal change. The growth phase is shortened and the resting period lasts longer, so the hair is also thinner overall.

Since the nature of the hair roots and their reaction to male hormones in menopause is genetically dependent, only about one in four women react with hair loss. Just before menopause, the number of people affected is on average much smaller than after that. If the strands fall, is unfortunately already predestined. But fortunately there are effective solutions.

Prevent Hair Loss in Women

Intensive medical advice is recommended for all therapies, since side effects can also be associated with taking such drugs. Any kind of hormone treatment should only be prescribed for as long as necessary and only in the event of symptoms-but not as prophylaxis. It is best to arrange an appointment with a dermatologist. Specialists often offer hair consultation.

stop hair loss

Dry shampoo or styling powder spells more volume in seconds. The products should be massaged in a short time and the hair will appear substantially hip. When caring for light products: Do not use intensive cures, oils or rich textures. They only complain about the structure unnecessarily.

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