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Various Methods For Hair Transplantation

For many men, a hair transplant is now an acceptable option for not helplessly surrendering to the fate of hair failure. In fact, balding, progressive secret council corners or balding spots can again be compensated with their own hair through hair transplantation.

Important to know: in a hair transplant no new hairs are added, but the old ones are redistributed on the head. Patients should be aware of this. Every new hair on the bald head has its price. It is missing elsewhere, and the gaps are not always invisible.

Best Hair Transplant Method

In the past, donor hair was often obtained with the stamping technique. For this, several millimeter-sized parts were punched out at the back of the head and transplanted to the bare spots. However, this method is obsolete. Today, two methods are used for hair removal. Strip removal and single-hair removal;

The hair transplant by strip removal is also called FUT Technique (Follicular units transplantation). To this end, the doctor takes a narrow skin strip, including hair and hair roots, at the patient’s head. There is a narrow scar strip on the back of the head, after the operation the rest of the hair is covered by the extraction point and nothing is visible.

The removed skin strip is processed under the microscope and divided into individual units, so-called grafts. These grafts are natural groupings of the hair. They do not grow individually, but mostly in small islands of two to five hairs. The grafts are then transplanted to the prepared bald spots.

In the FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction technique), individual hair roots are taken from the back of the head for hair transplantation at several points. There are many small point-shaped puncture points that are scattered throughout the back of the head. These must not be sewn. In contrast to the skin cut in the FUT technique ,the scars cannot be seen later because of their fineness.

Hair Transplant Technique

The density of the hair and thus the size of the strip or the amount of individual units for the hair transplant is different for each person and depends on the hair density. After a special hair density measurement , accurate statements can be made.

hair transplantation

Today, it is possible to accommodate 1,000 grafts on an area of 35 to 50 square centimeters. The result is a very natural and dense image, only rarely is a compaction treatment necessary. However, if only 1,000 grafts are available, then the hair roots must be distributed in a correspondingly thinner.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis in local anesthesia, pain is hardly noticeable. Often the patient gets a light sedative pill. Before the grafts are placed, the area of the scalp to which the hair is transplanted is first injected with a solution from a local anesthetic. This swells the skin and makes the work easier. Overall, a treatment period of between two and eight hours must be calculated, depending on the size of the treatment area.

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