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Taking Care Of The Hair Loss

Lack of minerals, inflammation of the scalp, poor diet, dehydration, stress and hormonal fluctuations are factors that can lead to hair loss. The use of synthetically produced care products as well as the frequent styling of the hair with chemical products also have a considerable impact on the scalp and can ultimately also contribute to hair loss. Read our tips against hair loss;

Ways To Reduce Hair Loss

Healthy Diet Against Hair Loss

A healthy diet, based on a nutrient-rich, full-fledged diet, combined with the exclusive use of high-quality natural hair products, can effectively counteract hair loss.

It Depends On The Scalp

The hair can only grow from healthy hair follicles. Therefore, care must be aimed at improving the condition of the scalp. However, this usually does not work with synthetic products. The components contained therein can attack the hair follicles due to their toxicity. In addition, they are often considered to be very harmful. These chemicals reduce blood flow to hair follicles. After a period of time, the tallow of the hair crystallizes and thus prevents the nutrient supply of the hair follicles, which ultimately leads to the undersupply and ultimately to the hair loss.

Revitalizing The Scalp In Case Of Hair Loss

The first step in restoring a healthy scalp is the consequent renunciation of all chemical hair shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Use especially natural hair care products now.

A sufficient supply of still water is particularly important so that the pollutants in the body can be discharged as quickly as possible. At least 2 liters of still water should be drunk daily, regardless of any other beverage.

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Do not use common Hair color products, because they contain partially toxic ingredients. The darker the chosen color, the more toxic the composition is. Try coloured highlights.

Replace your hairspray with a good styling gel. The advantage is that the gel can be applied specifically so that it does not reach the scalp. When using hairspray, the bonding of the scalp cannot be prevented.


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