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Products And Remedies That Prevent Hair Loss

For most of us they are an expression of personality. They give not only the self-confidence. Even the fear of a complete loss increases. If you lose more than 100 hair every day, you should have the doctor clarify the cause. Among other things, nutrient deficiencies, infections, stress or medications are considered as triggers. Most often, however, the loss is hormonal or genetic. To find the reason and therefore the appropriate means for hair loss, many clinics and dermatologist surgeries offer special consultation.

Natural Treatments for Hair Loss


Methods such as autogenic training and meditation are good remedies for hair loss. Both protect against stress and its harmful consequences. A short-term load provides the body with an extra boost of energy.

Biotin As A Cure For Hair Loss

Our hair needs certain nutrients to be able to grow vigorously. Especially the vitamin B, biotin, zinc and iron support hair health. Red meat, fish and oatmeal can also be used to cover iron and zinc requirements, so they are considered a good remedy for hair loss.


In the pharmacy there are many prescriptions but also free to sell remedies for hair loss. Results of the  published analysis of the products test, however, show that only the two active ingredients minoxidil and finasteride (prescription) actually reduce the hair loss and stimulate new hairline growth. The problem: The funds often have strong side effects, which also have a downward effect  lead. As a side effect, impotence, depression and visual disturbances can occur.

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Argan Oil

Argan oil has been used and recommended for many years against hair loss and other hair problems. The reason for the positive revitalizing effect of argan oil against hair loss is the high number of unsaturated fatty acids in argan oils. The ingredients of the plant are polyphenols, linoleic acid, carotenoids, phystosterine and triterpenoide, as well as the vitamin E. In addition to the effect against hair loss, the skin pattern will also change positively.


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