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Methods In Getting Rid Of Body Hair

These days, a woman can not just raise her hands without being sure her underarm is hair-free. Smiling isn’t enough as well, she also has to get rid of any trace of whiskers on her upper lip. And if you believe she dons sleeveless blouse and short skirts on her relaxed days, think once again. Most likely, she didn’t wake up and just put on those garments immediately. She still needed to shave or wax her arms and legs.

While hair removal is very normal for the ladies, some “macho” guys likewise remove their excess hair on the body. While the ladies won’t lift a brow upon seeing a hairy man, they probably won’t be eager to present themselves to him also. Some men understand that trimming or getting rid of their face and body hair is more appealing to ladies. It can also be that they find being hairless more comfortable and hygienic than being covered with their own hair.

Hair removal is nothing new. The practice has been present since the ancient civilization time. People are just continuing what they think works.

There are various ways to remove hair. One can choose to depilate, the removal of the hair from above the skin surface, or epilate, the removal of the full hair, including the roots under the skin.

In depilating, the most common ways are shaving, trimming, and applying creams that break the protein bonds of the hair, splitting it from above the skin. There are those who also apply friction to buff away hair. For those who choose to epilate, most popular techniques include plucking or pulling, waxing, sugaring, and threading. These methods, though admittedly painful, take the hair longer time to grow back.

There are also permanent methods of removing and reducing hair. The first is electrolysis, the process of taking the hair off by applying electricity to a solid hair-thin metal probe slid into each hair follicle. This causes localized damage to the areas that generate hair, therefore permanently removing hair.

For permanent hair reduction, a popular method is laser hair removal. As the name suggests, it uses laser to cause contained damage in the part that causes hair growth. There is also the Intense Pulsed Light or IPL. Sometimes called as Flashlamps, this process utilizes light of several wavelengths to remove hair and treat different skin problems such as hyperpigmentation.

Each technique differs on effectiveness, price, convenience, and the length of time the hair grows back. As each has its own pros and cons, always take extra caution every time you apply any of the aforesaid techniques.

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