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Hair Loss During Childhood And Puberty

For children, hair loss is quickly becoming an unbearable condition, because of the classmates it is often added to the beauty problem. People who are affected need a heightened sensibility in their environment, but since children can also be very cruel among themselves, it is not uncommon to feel the necessary tact.

Hair Loss During Childhood

This makes it all the more important to conduct research as soon as possible in case of hair loss in children. A visit to the doctor or the dermatologist is therefore highly recommended! In some cases, a shampoo may also help to prevent hair loss. A test with a good basic shampoo without chemical additives is offered.

Often, a ringworm is the real reason for hair loss in children. It is a fungal infection, which is often treated with orally ingested antifungal. In most cases, this type of hair loss is associated with scaly spots on the head. The hair breaks down directly on the scalp. Ringworm are contagious and transferable over combs, brushes, pillows and hats.

Hair Loss in Children

Especially in children, it can also be the medications that trigger hair loss. Other causes are dramatic events, such as the death of a loved one, or high fever. Hypothyroidism is the medical concept of deficient supply of the body with thyroid hormones. A sub-function of the thyroid gland is responsible for this. As a result, the entire metabolism is slower, which severely affects both mental and physical performance.

childhood hair loss

Teenage Hair Loss

Fast food and industrially produced foods have far too little nutritional value and should be removed from the menu and replaced with healthy food such as fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Essential oils, for example lavender or rosemary, massaged to the affected areas, promotes blood circulation and is beneficial for hair loss in children.

Adolescents in puberty have a particularly fluctuating hormonal balance. Circular or diffuse hair loss can be the result. Often, however, there is only a lack of iron. A blood test is therefore essential to obtain certainty. If the iron level is actually very low, it is advisable to have a diet with plenty of fish, meat and foods containing plenty of vitamin C.


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