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Hair Loss During Breastfeeding-The Hormones Are The Reason

During pregnancy and especially in breastfeeding, some freshly mothers have to fight neatly with hair loss. But this is no reason to worry: The origin is quite harmless and can be treated easily. After a birth, many women suffer from annoying hair loss. Often the blame for the loss of hair is given to breastfeeding, but it has nothing to do with it. The problem begins already in pregnancy, the hormones are responsible.

Hair Loss While Breast-Feeding

First, talk to your doctor if it makes sense for you to take iron tablets. In the drugstore you will also find tablets with zinc, biotin and folic acid for better hair growth. Just a high folic acid mirror is to aspire to in pregnancy anyway.

Prevent Hair Loss While Breast Feeding

Hair is a symbol of beauty for women. The loss of hair is often accompanied by fears, uncertainties and depressive moods. Well-intentioned tips on how to apply vigorous care products do not help. The good news is, however, that the hair will grow even in breastfeeding. There are even as many hairs as they do. Only the regrowing hairs are not visible at first. Normally, the hair loss occurs six months after the birth, because the hormone level has returned to a normal level. If the loss of hair also stops, you should consult a doctor. A dermatologist is responsible for these cases. Hair loss may indicate deficiency symptoms during breastfeeding, a diet after childbirth can also cause hair loss.

hair loss during breastfeeding

After a few months, the hair usually grows again – without expensive body shampoos or dietary supplements. With this knowledge you can quietly breastfeed and enjoy the first months after the birth of your child.


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