The Best Nutrients And Supplements To Manage Hair Loss

You may be wondering if the way you eat can cause or prevent hair loss. If you start losing your hair, it could have something to do with your diet, so you should check into it. If you are concerned about your hair and its health, then you should think about the supplements you take and the food you eat, along with other factors. Two things that matter with hair loss are your genetics and the environment, but you can’t forget all the products you put in your hair. There are important guidelines you can be following that can prevent hair loss with certain foods.


This is a nutrient that can really help you with your hair. When you take silica supplements, it will help your hair and also your face in regard to elasticity and skin tone. The nails on your fingers and toes will also benefit. Thinning hair is usually combined with problems with your nails. You may also have skin conditions that afflict you. All of your body, the connective tissues will benefit when you take silica. It is not just taken to prevent or slow down hair loss itself. The supplement silica can be found in formulas or all by itself. If you like taking homeopathic remedies, silica can be found in many of them.


Aminobenzoic Acid is a vitamin that is essential for your hair, specifically in regard to its health. Promoting healthy hair growth, along with preventing premature greying, is what PABA can do for you. You can take PABA as a supplement, or find it in certain foods such as whole grains, yeast, kidney and liver. PABA is often sold with their formulas packed with other vitamins and minerals by many different supplement companies.

Sometimes these same exact packages are sold as nutritional supplements for promoting skin and nail growth, not just hair. PABA works well with folic acid to promote healthy hair and to help maintain the original color of your hair.

You need to make sure you are getting enough of the essential minerals necessary to properly combat hair loss. By taking selenium each and every day, you will be able to combat hair loss, detoxify your body and also build up your immune system to prevent illness.

Too much exposure to the sun, or perhaps heavy metal toxicity, may lead to the hair loss you are experiencing. When you take selenium, these issues can go away. Zinc is a mineral that helps to strengthen hair follicles and can promote healthy hair growth. Do you take iodine regularly? You probably do if you eat meals with salt. This mineral also promotes hair growth. Although table salt does have iodine in it, you should be at sea salt instead which is actually better for you.

You shouldn’t ignore the role of diet and nutrition in preventing or managing hair loss. Hair loss can actually get out of hand if the amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that you are taking is not adequate for your body. At the same time, you have to identify the cause of your hair loss, as you may also have to take additional steps to reverse it.

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