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4 Myths About Hair Care

Some hair care tips are a myth about the hair, while others are true. We have taken a closer look at these 4 myths.

Hair Cures Must Be Effective For A Long Time

Hair cures are the more intense form of creamy care products that are rinsed out of the skin after a recommended reaction time. The alternative conditioner is much less care intensive and is given after the hair wash in the hair, but almost immediately rinsed off the hair again. Better to use hair cures than constant rinsing. Although both product groups promote the combability of the hair, cures give extra care. Don’t care for the drain with rinses, do something real, intense for your hair.

Hair Grows Faster, The More You Cut It

This mistaken belief persists. However, hair growth has nothing to do with truncated spikes. However, regular cutting will prevent split ends, so that the next time you visit the hairdresser you will have less to cut off and the hair will appear fuller.

Hair Gums Are Harmful To The Hair

This myth is true, because by the pressure at the same place, hair gum can promote the fracture. Especially when the band is connected by a piece of metal. Therefore, the hair should never be tied together in a wet state, as they are even more sensitive. Also, it is advisable to wear the hair in between times open.

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Cold Cast At The End Of The Wash Leaves Hair Shining

An old home remedy for more shine in the hair should be a cold over mold to the end of the hair wash. Because the washing up of the horn layer of the hair is closed by icy water, it is said. But a professional contradicts this: “It never closes the hair surface, and it also does not shine strengthful.”


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