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3 Things You Can Do To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair

Greasy hair looks unkempt and as you turn it, you can easily win the slippery streaks that look like bad hair day. But where do greasy hair come from and what is even more important: how do you get rid of greasy hair? Simple: With our ultimate tips and tricks;

How to Prevent Greasy Hair

Oily hair can be a real nuisance. Just washed and already glue the hair back to the head, look greasy and simply unkempt out. Luckily, there are a few simple and effective means to turn greasy hair back into a beautiful crest.

The Right Shampoo

The first thing you can do is try to get a grip on oily hair with a mild anti-fat shampoo. Mild anti-fat shampoos contain particularly many detergent active substances and low-fat components. It is important that this is a mild shampoo, because too aggressive shampoos dry the scalp strongly, whereupon the sebaceous glands react with an even stronger fat production to protect the scalp.

Properly Blow-Dry

Heat stimulates the production of sebum. If you want to avoid greasy hair, you should allow the mane to dry in the best way after washing, or blow it up briefly and with as cold air as possible. Also, never blow off your hair from the neck towards the tip, but only vice versa. Thus, less hot air hits the scalp and your hair gets more volume. A good idea for this: simply blow dry the hair upside down.

greasy hair

A Right Hairstyle

If greasy hair has been a problem for you for a long time and you could imagine a new haircut, a cheeky short cut is the perfect solution for you! A short haircut, such as a trendy pixie cut, not only looks stunning, but also makes your hair look less oily.  Perms and bright highlights are also an insider tip against oily hair. They dry out the hair and make the increased sebum production.

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