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Performing A Simple Back Training At Home Increases The Health Of Your Back

What can you do to keep your back in shape and be spared from pain? There’s only one thing that helps: back training! And so that you don’t have any excuses, such as too expensive gym membership or too little time to train, I recommend you do your back training at home. To do your back training at home, you don’t need more than a soft mat, like a yoga mat, and comfortable clothes. You don’t have to schedule a lot of time for it. 20 minutes are completely sufficient.

The Cobra Position

This is especially appealing to your upper back, chest and shoulder belt.
Turn on your stomach. The feet and hips are parallel to each other. Your palms are flat on the floor next to your chest, nestled the elbows on your body. Now raise your head and torso and try to move your sternum forward and up. Your chest should be widely open. Make sure that you leave as little as possible on the power of your arms and try to set yourself up as well as you can through your back muscles. Your neck should stay long, do not pull your shoulders upwards.

Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds depending on how you are exercising and repeat the exercise 3 to 5 times. Then let your upper body glide slowly towards the ground again. Especially in the beginning you may be hard to raise your upper body wide. That’s not bad, it’s much more important that you notice how your back muscles tense up.

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This exercise is simple, but particularly effective. You will not only improve the interaction of your entire back muscles, but also your own coordination at the same time. You’re lying back on your belly and you just stretched your arms straight over your head. Your legs are long and your head is a straight extension of your spine. The view goes down to the mat. Now you can pick up both arms and legs and you’ll notice how your back has to tense. Your head is also raised slightly, but your gaze continues towards the ground. Now you start paddling. That is, as you move your right arm upward slightly, your left leg does exactly the same. Then the other two sides. So you always have a slight upward and downward movement on the diagonal side.

Forearm Support As Well As The Push-Up Support

The forearm support is highly effective and not only trains your back, but your entire hull as well as your arms and legs. In principle, you have the same posture as with the push-up, only that you support on your forearms. The workout shows you different variants of the training in support.


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