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Effective Chest Muscle Combination Exercises

Anatomically, the chest muscles are probably the most difficult to exercise muscle group. Even beginners often underestimate the complex structure of the chest muscles and the resulting need not only the visible part, the large breast muscle, but also the underlying small breast muscle. As well as the shoulder, the triceps and even large parts of the back to train appropriately.

Best Chest Exercises

The aim of an effective breast dorsal is therefore always to develop the upper, lower, inner and outer chest muscles, whereby the various breast muscle exercises address the areas of the breast from different angles.

No matter which chest muscle exercise you perform, whether you train with or without weight: the individual strands of the chest muscles always work together. And because all the muscle fibres are horizontal, you can reach all muscle structures of the breast with comparatively few breast muscle exercises.

Bench Press

Bench press with the barbell and the shoulder blades pulled together, the triceps and the shoulder are trained next to the chest. It is important to have the right technique in which the power is provided primarily by the chest muscles.

muscle combination exercises


Dips are an effective basic exercise for a complex chest abdominal. Compared to many other chest muscle exercises, dips have the advantage of addressing different structures of the chest muscles at the same time. In addition, this chest abdominal is without equipment and without weights. The training is exclusively with your own body weight. In addition, dips next to the chest mainly include the triceps as well as the shoulders.

When it comes to training the chest muscles, first you always choose a combination exercise, such as dips or bench presses. Then follow the isolation exercises, such as cables or butterfly.


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