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What Is Crossfit? Combine Your Workout With The Most Difficult Exercises

Most athletes focus only on a few aspects of physical fitness. If you puffing hundreds of kilos, but after three steps, or run a marathon and do not create a push-up, then it may be time to try CrossFit.

Most Brutally Difficult CrossFit Workouts

The  word “cross” has a lot of meanings. And just as versatile as the word is also CrossFit itself. There are no limits. It is used for training, which is just lying around  from the professional machine to the simple chair. It is about combining strength, stamina, speed, agility and coordination. A mixture of everything, random, cross and cross, just “cross”! The specialty is not to specialize. The specialty is not to specialize. The idea is certainly not necessarily new. The inventor of CrossFit gave the child only one name and set up training plans and exercises and thus created the most difficult workout in the world: high-intensity with short breaks and on time or repetitions.

Essential CrossFit Moves

Usually, participants log in beforehand to enable better planning. One of the core points of the training is that nobody knows the “workout of the day” before. The trainer writes it to a blackboard at the beginning of the lesson. After a warm-up period and a short repetition of the most important techniques, the workout begins. Training is in two groups, so that the partner can correct and motivate. It is possible to set round and repeat numbers or to have as many.

 Possibilities and no limits, according to the basic idea of CrossFit. The training ends with a common cooldown.


A friendly, nice community and atmosphere is incredibly important to you CrossFit, because this is an essential part of a sustainable fitness program. The training in small groups creates friendships, but also a healthy motivating competition that drives you steadily anew. In short, if you care about your health and fitness, CrossFit is just the thing for you.


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