Advantages Of Cardiovascular Training

Endurance training is not only fun, but also has a positive effect on various body functions. Again and again we are trying to point out the importance of cardio-workout. In this article we would like to show you the advantages of cardio during a desired muscle build-up. Unfortunately, it is often assumed that an endurance training is not important at this stage. We would like to refute this and show you what potential you give without cardio.

Cardiovascular Training

Regular endurance training reduces your resting and blood pressure, increases your oxygen uptake and your heart volume, effectively reduces stress and can be used in particular to burn fat. It dopes properly calories, so you can easily reach a calorie deficit and your body needs to  to get enough energy.

All Kinds Of Advantages;

Depending on the intensity of a cardiovascular training, different positive effects on the body are achieved. The most important health effects are: The increase of the maximum heart minute volume by increasing the impact.

The reduction of heart rate at rest and under stress (economization of Heartbeat). The reduction of the blood lipid level, the consequent reduction of deposits in the vascular walls  and the resulting lower risk of suffering a heart attack.

Running Is Such Perfect Cardio

If you run a regular 60 minutes or longer jogging, cycling or swimming, your body relieves the stress.  Amplified cortisol and the testosterone level decreases. This weakens the immune system and unilaterally burdens the heart.In addition, cardio training has also other advantages. It strengthens the health of the cardiovascular system, improves muscle tone, increases energy levels and libido, increases testosterone production and improves stamina.

To sum up, cardiovascular training has a very positive effect on the entire cardiovascular system and therefore on overall health. Many studies show that an adequate cardio, especially in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, plays an important role.


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