The 4 Right Body-Weight Training Methods To Have Efficient Success

If you want to have a lasting success in the sport of strength, just as a beginner, make sure that you use a suitable training methods with the perfect training. This results in a sustained and constant training success and ensures that not only an intensive muscle build-up but also an athletic physique can be created with the help of the right training techniques. In the following we have put together some basic rules for an intelligent strength training, so that you can achieve your desired training successes sustainably.

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Learn The Right Training Course From The Start

Many beginners still believe that with a lot of training, a success in muscle building and strength development can be achieved faster. This consideration is not entirely correct. An endless editing of your musculature only leads to an overtraining, which can cause unnecessary injuries. It is enough at the beginning if you engaging two to four times a week about 30 to 60 minutes of your strength training in the gym.

Plan Sets, Repetitions And Recovery Phases

The number of sentences and the corresponding regeneration phases are always dependent on your individual training program. If you are not sure what is right or wrong, then you can follow this basic plan: a short regeneration phase after each set will bring you new energy and concentration for the following set. Most breaks consist of a time span of 30 to 90 seconds. If your weight to highlighting is not too heavy, you can put on shorter breaks. Longer breaks should always be placed with a heavy weighted set.

Choose The Right Weight

Beginners in strength training often have difficulty finding the right weight for the individual exercise. As an inexperienced weightlifter, you should not get the idea that you are choosing a weight that you can only lift once. Always try to choose a weight that you can lift a maximum of ten times. If you fall too easily, you just raise the weight. If you don’t make ten repetitions, you’ll lower the weight again. This maximum of ten repetition technique applies to almost all exercises. If you have found the right weight, you should adjust the weight of your current training level every week, which means that you can gradually increase the weight weekly and thus improve your muscle structure consistently and sustainably.

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Compound Exercises In Strength Training

Anyone who engages in intensive sports exercise understands the difference between isolation and compound exercises. Even beginners prefer isolation exercises that specifically train individual muscles, such as bicep curls or leg extensions. Compound exercises such as bench presses or knee bends, however, train large and multiple muscle areas, which in effect results in faster and more efficient success.


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