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3 Effective Leg Exercises To Perform At Home

We show you exercises with which you can train your legs effectively and sustainably. In the leg training exercises we distinguish between upper and lower leg muscles. During leg training, ensure that all exercises are performed on a safe, non-slip base.

Squats: Stretching The Leg Forward Like A Pistol

Let’s start with probably the most difficult exercise of leg training. This exercise requires a lot of stability in the ankle and a good stretching ability of the legs. Not everyone can do this exercise from the start. But everyone should practice it. The effect on muscle growth should also not be underestimated. Just pushing up the weight of your own body is very tiring. Just like the normal knee bends, the entire thigh muscles are trained here.

For the exercise, you stand on one leg and go down into the squat until your back thigh muscles are on the calf. This makes the load very good in the buttock muscles. After a short while, you push yourself up again with force of a leg. The passive leg is stretched forward like the barrel of a pistol.

Glute-Hamstring Raise

Mainly trains the glutes in combination with the bicep femoris, the large buttock muscle and the posterior thigh muscles.
This exercise can be very painful and may also lead to cramps. However, their effectiveness for the growth of the posterior thigh muscles cannot be disputed.

The lower legs are pinched on the feet between two pads or under a pole and the upper body is slowly lowered in a straight line with the thighs. The negative movement – the lowering is very important and should be carried out slowly. Then, with the help of the arms, one pushes away from the ground like a kind of push-up support.

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Wall Squat

Instead of a chair, you just push your back against the wall. Your legs should be angled by 90 degrees as if you were sitting. You keep this position as long as you can. And don’t cheat by setting a bit higher or lower than 90 degrees.

Now you will feel the burning in the already weakened thigh muscles. But yes do not give up, the burning is very important. A good sign that your holding muscles are working properly. The goal should be a minute to begin with. Perform 3 sets here as well.


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