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The 3 Biggest Beginner Mistakes Of Body Workouts

Who thinks that fitness training can only be good, has a wrong opinion. Especially beginners who have little experience with the exercises can ruin their body within 6 months. These errors are not only mistakes of the trainees themselves, but also mistakes of the competent trainers who do not correct one. That’s why we want to show you the biggest mistakes that are made especially by beginners, so that you can do everything right from the start and not later have to go for physiotherapy. For the experienced among you: such mistakes can also cause you to make no progress.

Biggest Training Mistakes

Breathing Technique

A proper breathing can decide about life and death. It is always said to exhale when taking a load, to breathe in the return, but this is often taken lightly. In an intensive training, the heart is heavily stressed. This is also normal, as with any sport; In strength training, however, blood pressure increases slightly more than endurance sports. Watch for constant breathing. Exhale constantly during the entire concentric load  phase. In the eccentric phase (return) slowly and controlled inhale again. So nothing can happen and the heart is strengthened by training instead of weakened.

Unbalanced Training

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This principle also counts for the body. Too few note this unfortunately. This way, the chest is trained intensively, biceps are pumped without end, but the back or the shoulder remains out or is only trained as an alibi. Now one can of course say to do a 50 kg bench Press, but it damages the body immensely. By an over-expression of a muscle group, you can take an everyday misposture of the body. When the chest is too strong, it tends towards the front. This can cause damage to the spine, causing a herniated disc in the worst case. If you stabilize at bench Press which is the entire back and if this is too weak, damage can also occur, or the training success may stagnate. Train all muscle groups. It is important to note that the muscles are of different size and require different loads.

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Warmups Are Overrated, Unfortunately No

Warming up prepares the body for the impending strain. The joints are “oiled” and the muscles become warm. Without warmup you can get a nice strain or even muscle-fiber damage. This was then for at least a week with sport. Joint damage can of course also arise. Before each workout at least 5 minutes, better 10, general warming up on the bike, stepper, cardio-rowing at low load (you can still entertain). Then briefly a muscle-specific warmup.

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