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Pilates Equipment Workout For Joint Health

The most important pilates equipments which are used today are listed below.

The Frequently Used Pilates “Floor” Mats

The “floor” mats are of course more suitable for training at home, as they can be stowed away easily. Here, above all, the desired level of comfort plays a role. The thicker the more pleasant are e.g. exercises like “rolling like a ball”, especially if you don’t get the C-curve of the back cleanly yet.

The Pilates Reformer

This was clearly the main shooting of pilates. This device was developed for most of the exercises and it was also the device which, used as the main training for all the customers.

The Pilates Cadillac

This was called originally trapezoid table. Today, there is also often a variation, almost half a cadillac of the and the wall is screwed. It’s usually called a wall unit or a tower. There is auchan attached to the reformer.

The Arm Chair

The arm chair is also referred to as the baby arm chair. Probably because in a classically oriented studio his feathers are the lightest feathers in the studio and sometimes called baby arm springs or baby springs. There is little to know about the creation of the baby chair, as it is often called.

pilates equipment

As is typical for Pilates, the coordinative training of the muscles, like the interaction of several muscles plays a major role. The light springs the muscles on the side opposite the spring origin. The aim is to improve the functional stabilization of the joints and the joint guidance. Since the shoulder joint is stabilized to a large extent muscular, it is precisely for the joint health and prevention dependent on the balance and the flawless interaction of the musculature.

Basically you can distinguish between two arm chair types. The one tries to reconstruct the arm chair as precisely as possible, the others have further developed the chair in one way or another.

The Pilates Pedipole

The device is  to compensate for disbalances in the spine. Here in the picture to see as she just introduces us to a few of the lesser known pedipole exercises. Due to the independent springs, the pedi-pole is also very well suited to compensate for disbalances in the spine.


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