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Fitness Machines For Each Muscle Group

These fitness exercises allow you to build muscle and increase your strength. Each muscle area is subjected to special muscle building exercises by force loads. The selection of fitness exercises should always be followed by your own training progress and the available training equipment.
For any fitness exercise, always ensure that it is correctly executed in order to avoid injury.

Abduction Machine (Sitting)

Sitting on a machine, the legs are attached to the shins in front of the pads. Push the legs outward as far as possible and then put them back together without dropping the weight. This exercise strengthens and shapes the upper part of the hip (medium glute muscle) very effectively.

Bench Press-Training Equipment

Bench press on the training device, depending on the training device, is carried out sitting or lying. The handles on chest are taken slightly wider than shoulder width from above. The bench press on the training device trains the chest muscles, the front part of the shoulder muscles as well as the triceps.

Legpress Machine

Leg training in a leg press is a good alternative to knee bends and is especially suitable for beginners. Depending on the type of device, the exercise is carried out sitting or lying down. The shoulders are attached to the under rollers. The leg press especially trains the anterior thigh muscle, the buttock muscles, the adductor and the leg flexors.

Hyperextension Machine

Sitting on a machine, the rear roll pad is attached to the neck height in a bent position. Straighten the upper body completely and stretch the back. In the rear position, the weight should be kept short and then brought into the prevented starting situation. This exercise only emphasizes the complete back stretcher.

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Scott Curl Machine

Scott curls on the training device are an excellent isolation workout for training the biceps. Due to the supported arms on the storage panel of the scott curls bench, the full concentration on the biceps and tampering is prevented.


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