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How to Use an Exercise Ball Ways to Use an Exercise Ball

The ball is one of the most popular fitness equipment elements it is both effective and, possibly, the most fun piece of exercise equipment you can get. The best effects of exercising with the ball reflect on the shape of your back muscles. Structured aerobics and even light workouts on the ball can soon improve both back and stomach muscles.

There are many fitness and medical uses for the exercise ball, and persons with back pain, who cannot use most heavy exercise equipments, can easily use the ball to correct their problems. By using the ball you will learn how to control your posture, increase your lower back strength and mobility, develop a better stability and balance for your body and many other benefits.

Using the exercise ball

The first step of using the ball is both fun and easy: simply sit on the ball and try to bounce around for about 5 minutes. Take a break, and repeat the whole thing for another 5 minute, until you reach a total of about 30 minutes a day. While bouncing on the exercise ball try to keep your balance – this will help you improve all the muscles areas mentioned above.

You can also try to increase your lower muscles strength by using this following exercise: slouch on the exercise ball and round your back, then begin bouncing on the ball and allow your body to adapt and find the best straightened position. By finding the center of gravity you will learn how to balance your body perfectly on the ball.

The ball training reflected in daily chores

One of the most frequent muscle strains is that of the back, when heavy objects are moved or lifted. Training on the exercise ball has positive effects on the strength and flexibility of your lower back.

This means that, lifting an object now, after a few weeks of exercise, will no longer be such a threat of injury. Frequent use of the exercise ball will help you develop the necessary muscle capacity to lift objects that seemed impossible to move before however, always exercise caution.

You might hear a lot of undocumented opinions stating that the exercise ball is useless and that you’re better off working on a real exercise machine. Although there are other exercise machines that have the same beneficial effects as the ball, medicine has proven that the latter is also extremely effective and can work wonders if included in a serious workout program.

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