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3 Home Training Appliances

With dumbbells and other small appliances, you can also keep yourself fit by home training! We show you the classics and interesting new developments.

Dumbbells are just one of countless small appliances that allow you to turn your living room into a well-equipped gym and take an effective home workout. The products that we show you in enable a variety of different workouts, according to your taste. Get inspired!


Staying in the fitness center always can sometimes be effective – on the treadmill. Although outdoor lovers are are mostly yawning. The advantages are obvious: The running workout is always possible, and varied programs increase the fun factor in calorie kills in addition.
While the indoor running does not replace the nature experiences , this deficiency that many outdoor athletes complain about in the dark season, they make up for the varied running programs with an extra calorie killer guarantee. If you want to vary your training, you can adjust the pitch of the treadmill between 0.5 and 15 percent.


You can burn up to 800 calories per hour on a crosstrainer. Another plus: a training can be effective and gentle on the joints at the same time. The study found that the degree of muscular stress in crosstrainers differs significantly. As a rule of thumb: for all devices whose flywheel mass is stored above the treads, the muscle activity is higher than for devices whose flywheel mass is below.


As with the crosstrainer, the flywheel also provides a good workout for a round kick. The weight of the flywheel should be about nine kilograms in order to be able to drive the joints gently.

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The stationary heart rate measurement makes the most sense at flywheel, since the hands are naturally placed on the handles and the sensors installed there. For crosstrainers, the sensors are often located on the inside and not on the outside handles.

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