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Diabetes Symptoms In Children and How To Deal With The Disease

Diabetes in children poses a lot of questions to both parents and children.What does diabetes mean? How will our lives change? How can I assist my child in dealing with the disease? In this situation, the specialists of a diabetes pediatric clinic continue to help.

Diabetes Symptoms In Children

Over 20,000 children and young people under the age of 19 suffer from diabetes type 1. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder whose triggering factors are unknown to this day. The cause of the disease is a false control of the immune system, in which the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas are destroyed, so that they do not form or only small amounts of the vital hormone.

For the child affected by diabetes, this means injecting insulin several times a day for life and controlling blood glucose levels before each meal.

If a child has strong thirst, often has to go to the toilet and loses significantly weight, this can be signs of diabetes in children. Other possible symptoms are fatigue, irritability and a drop in the ability to concentrate.The most important warning signs are: Strong thirst frequent urinary and urge rapid energy loss.

Diabetes in Children and Teens

When children suffer from type 1 diabetes, things change in life.For the small patients themselves and for their parents. The participants must pay attention to the diet, regularly measure blood glucose and inject insulin. The therapy accompanies the small patients throughout the day, at home, in kindergarten or at school.

In spite of all this, children with diabetes can predominantly lead a normal life and maintain their habits and activities. They do not have to be packed in cotton wool, on the contrary.Especially when they learn to cope with difficult situations, they gain experience, confidence and security.

Infections make the blood glucose levels in children very fast. It is therefore important to control blood sugar more frequently than usual. In addition, children quickly develop a lack of fluidity, which is why parents must make sure that their child drinks enough.

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