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Causes Of Diabetes And The Types Of It

Causes of diabetes depend on the type of diabetes. It is always essential that the blood glucose level is not properly regulated. 
In healthy people, certain cells (so-called beta cells) produce insulin in the pancreas. The hormone is responsible for the fact that the sugar absorbed from the food enters the cells from the bloodstream. If the insulin does not fulfill this task, the sugar remains in the blood. The blood glucose level is permanently increased.

Causes Of Diabetes

The exact causes of diabetes vary depending on the type of diabetes. In the case of diabetes, the beta cells of the pancreas no longer produce insulin. Physicians therefore talk about “absolute insulin deficiency” in type 1 diabetes. The reason for the damage to the beta cells and hence the causes of diabetes in type 1 are mostly autoimmune reactions. This means that the body’s own defense system attacks its own tissue. In type 2 diabetes, several causes of diabetes come together which can be individually distinctly distinct:

-Decreased production of hormones insulin and its counterpart glucagon in the pancreas.

-The death of insulin-producing cells, which makes the pancreas more and more less and at some time no insulin

There are also various risk factors that favour type 2 diabetes. The two most important are overweight (obesity) and too little exercise. About 80 percent of type 2 diabetics are overweight.

causes of diabetes

-Genetic dysfunction of beta cells

-In addition, there is also gestational diabetes , which as its name suggests ,occurs for the first time in pregnancy, and forms of diabetes that occur in diseases of the pancreas, for example in the case of chronic inflammation. Meanwhile, some european countries, every fifth child and one in three young people are too fat and potentially at risk of diabetes.


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