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Some Causes Of Diabetes Disorder

The more people know about the risk of diabetes, the causes and symptoms and its precursors, the more likely it is to take countermeasures. Diabetes is a chronic disorder of sugar metabolism in which the hormone insulin plays an important role. Basically, we absorb energy in the form of carbohydrates, which splits our gastrointestinal tract into sugar blocks and absorbs them into the blood sugar.

Causes Of Diabetes Disorder

Causes Of Diabetes Disorder

Obesity as one of the causes of diabetes leads to the organs wanting more and more insulin until they let the blood sugar into the cells. One speaks of insulin resistance, an important harbinger of diabetes mellitus. Overweight, insulin resistance, hypertension and fat metabolism are called the metabolic syndrome. All are painless diseases that can have fatal consequences.

Causes of diabetes depend on the type of diabetes. It is always essential that the blood glucose level is not properly regulated. In healthy people, certain cells produce insulin in the pancreas. The hormone is responsible for the fact that the sugar absorbed from the food enters the cells from the bloodstream. If the insulin does not fulfill this task, the sugar remains in the blood. The blood glucose level is permanently increased.

In addition, there is also gestational diabetes, which as its name suggests, occurs for the first time in pregnancy, and forms of diabetes that occur in diseases of the pancreas, for example in the case of chronic inflammation.

In recent research, it is discussed how agglutinated proteins trigger diabetes type 2. It has been known for a long time that the protein forms in patients with diabetes type 2 lumps that are deposited in the pancreas. Researchers assume that the clumped proteins destroy the cells of the pancreas.

Insulin Resistance Increases

Insulin resistance increases the concentration of the cells of the pancreas, whereupon the proteins clump. It finally develops a toxic effect, so that the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas die off. At this stage, according to researchers, a type 2 diabetes is fully developed.

Various hormonal disorders, Genetic-syndrom related malfunction of beta cells and some certain medications can cause also the diabetes disease.

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