What Are Antidepressants?

Depending on the preparation, antidepressants can improve mood, anxiety, drive-boosting or drive-dampening. They are most commonly used in the treatment of depression. However, they are also prescribed for anxiety disorders such as phobias, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder due to their mood-whitening and anxiety-releasing effects.

Surprising Antidepressant Facts

Antidepressants affect the metabolism of neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain. Most antidepressants act by preventing their resumption into the memory of the “Transmitter cell” after the distribution of the messenger substances. This is also referred to as “resumption inhibition”.

Antidepressant Medication

There is a distinction between recent antidepressants that have fewer side effects and older antidepressants, which have more side effects and interactions with other substances. In addition, older antidepressants quickly become toxic, which means that they can quickly lead to poisoning and death when overdosed. As a result, the newer antidepressants are now considered first-choice drugs. Older antidepressants are usually only used in special cases or when if a other medications have not shown efficacy.

Real Risks Of Antidepressants

If the efficacy of the drugs studied is actually only significantly better in severe depression than that of a placebo, the question arises as to whether the medications are not used too often.
The question is whether a permanent intake of the newer antidepressants provides protection against “repressions”. The current data situation does not provide a clear proof. Rather, according to the existing study data it seems possible that the permanent intake of Antidepressiva only protects against withdrawal or displacement symptoms, that the tendency to depression is rather or an awareness of triggering stimuli.

antidepressants affect

As a herbal ingredient for the treatment of depression, the ingredients have similar effects on the neurotransmitters of the brain as other antidepressants. In specialist circles it is controversial whether it can cause a sufficient improvement in depression.


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