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How To Help A Loved One During A Depression?

So we all know people who live with depression. Many, however, are unsure how they can assist and help relatives, such as their own partner, family members or friends in this difficult time.

Some people live with their depression for several years and therefore know how friends and family can support affected people. Here is for us the most compiled important tips;

Accept That Your Loved One Is In A Bad Situation

‘It’s not all that bad. It’s a lot worse than you. You’ve got everything.’
Everything may be true, but in the depth of a depression little to no help at all. It actually makes things even worse, because it can encourage guilt and further slipping into depression. Here, pure acceptance helps, recognizing that it is bad for the person concerned and he or she needs help.

Encourage Your Loved Ones To Seek Help

A difficult but important point. Especially if the person concerned is only dejected for a longer period of more than 2 weeks, it is good if they can be encouraged to visit the doctor. It doesn’t have to be a therapist or a psychologist. Many physicians can make an initial indication and transfer them to appropriate specialists.

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

Especially in a bad phase of depression, the affected person often withdraws, does not want to see anyone, do nothing. Please do not interpret this as a personal attack. The depression keeps one in the dark phase so under control that often even the smallest activities seem like a barely  burden. In addition, there are often feelings of guilt, because one does not work and the lack of understanding of the wider environment.

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Do Not Give Good Advice But Help

Save yourself some advice like, “go out there.” “Go among people.” “Treat yourself with something beautiful.” And if he or she does, it’s often simply ineffective, which makes me even more depressed. What helps to make it clear to the person concerned that they are there for them if they need one. But do not impose.  But if you know as a depressed person, there is someone who is willing to help without value, without doing as if you understand how it is to be stuck in a deep depressive hole, then that is an important support in the fight with the disease.

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