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Having A Depression After The Birth

Depression after the birth of a child is also referred to as “postpartum depression”. It is hardly different from depression, as it can occur in other phases of life. However, there is a big difference: Mothers often feel strong feelings of guilt towards their baby. You’re worried because it’s hard for you to take care of your child.

Depression After Birth

This can cause them to become increasingly isolated. Some women report that they have felt foreign to themselves.

Caring for a newborn is a demanding achievement. Some women do not get the emotional and practical help they need. It is also not always easy to cope with the changes that the constant care of the child means for one’s life. To cope with everyday life and to adjust to the new life can be strenuous in itself – and sometimes depressing.

However, such phases usually only last a short time and pass by themselves when things are playing. However, if you become a persistent depression, you can burden the relationship with the child. It is therefore important to take deep sadness and mood swings after birth seriously and to get more support.

Feeling Depressed After Childbirth

The first step is to realize that there is a problem. Those who are depressed sometimes do not notice when it becomes necessary to claim help. Among other things, depression is characterized by the fact that it is difficult to detect when one is in the middle of it and when mood swings no longer move in the “normal” area.


It may also be that you feel so bad that you are not in a position to seek the help you need. So perhaps the doctor, the Midwife, the partner, relatives or friends need to know what is going on and provide more support.


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