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Father’s With A Depressed Mood

About one tenth of each father, after the birth of his child, is in a mood-deep. An underestimated problem, because a persistent depressed mood can grow into a depression in need of treatment.

To become a father, turns the past life upside down. Surprises and disappointments do not remain. That’s normal. If it is not possible to adapt to the changed life situation, feelings of dejection and fears of failure can take over.

Depressed Mood In New Fathers

Depressed moods are noticeable due to increased irritability, exhaustion and sleep disturbances as well as feelings of lack of joy, drive and concentration weakness. Sometimes affected fathers also complain that they do not develop deep father feelings.

Whether a father gets into a depressed mood depends on many possible influences. Is he in principle prone to mood crises or has he had a depression before? Did he like to become a father? Was he prepared for the birth of the child and the Father well? Studies show that men who do not adequately prepare for their role at birth and in the first time as a family experience the birth of their child more often.

New Fathers Get Depressed

Many men are now in a dilemma: on the one hand they want to take a lot of time from the beginning for their child, want to be father. This is usually what your partners expect from you as well. On the other hand, they are now often the “family member who takes care of home’, which ensures family income. This role is still often attributed to men by society and also by employers.

depressed mood

Lack of sleep, unaccustomed worries and little time for themselves bring many parents to their limits of stress. The sudden responsibility for a completely dependent little person can also be a psychological burden. In such an exceptional situation, some conflicts can also be broken up, which could be easier to control earlier.

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