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Factors That Prevent Depression

Depression is widespread in this days. There are more and more citizens with an untreated depression who feel that their condition is not in need of treatment. The reasons for this are as diverse as the lifestyle factors that influence and promote depression. If you prevent these factors, you can avoid depression in many cases.

Prevent Depression

Although endogenous or genetic factors play a role in some cases, the main causes are more likely to be in the lifestyle of those affected. In addition, it is often not possible to recognize a depression and its seriousness immediately. One drags through life and hopes for better times.

But depression is not something inevitable. Often you can achieve a lot by simple rules in life style, you can practically prevent depression. We would like to introduce these rules to you now;

Maintaining A Healthy Relationship

To prevent depression, it  is important to have a healthy and supportive social environment. Cultivate friendships and invest time in them. Spend your time with positive people who also have the same interests as you. We are social beings, without an interaction with other people, depression is only a matter of time. Work on the relationship with your wife, your husband, your children. Always be open and honest.


Sporting activity has many beneficial effects for the physically, but above all also for mental health. You will feel more alive and vital by the increased efficiency and oxygen supply. The release of endorphins, but also the lower respiratory frequency in sport, detracts from depression.

prevent depression

Plans and Goals

Pursue melancholy and slightly depressed phases belong to life, as well as death, grief and separation. It is very important not to be permanently depressed in everyday life, to set long-term or short term goals and to plan them. Do a lot of business. Go after a hobby. If you ever wanted to play the guitar, then do yourself a favor and play on it. Go to the theatre, the museum, the cinema. If you don’t have enough money, then read a lot. Dedicate yourself to a heart affair. Avoid idling in your life.


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