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Depression: The Modern World’s Health Disease

Depression is generally understood to mean the state of psychic dejection. There is a depression test that can be performed by anyone suspected of depression. However, the way to the doctor is obligatory in any case. In psychiatry, the terms depressive episode and recurrent depressive disorder are also used. After the course, a few forms of depression are differentiated according to the classification of the World Health Organization.

Symptoms of Depression

-Dysthyme disorder: The symptoms of depression occur in a small number and are more easily manifested. However, they show up continuously over a period of more than two years.

Adaptation disorders: Depressed symptoms occur as a result of a drastic experience or a serious change in life. The symptoms are less numerous and do not last as long as a recurring depression or dysthymen disorder.

-Bipolar disorder: A bipolar disorder is an affect disorder in which moods, propulsion and activity vary greatly. Both depressed moods and phases of euphoria occur. Sufferers feel dejected at one moment, but this can turn into an extremely heightened self-confidence, a growing tendency to consume and a diminished need for sleep.

-First-ever depression: some of the typical symptoms of depression occur for the first time and stop for at least two weeks.


According to the definition, depression is characterized by a prolonged state of psychic dejection. The symptoms include, in addition to the feeling of sadness, fears, insomnia, fatigue, inner restlessness, loss of appetite, concentration and memory disorders, reduced self-confidence, a tendency to think, feelings of guilt or physical discomfort (for example, stomach pain).

Many sufferers also feel a sense of hopelessness, the meaning emptiness, which can also be expressed in suicidal tendencies with strong expression. Strongly depressed people do not perceive their lives as a living value anymore, in death they see the supposed redemption.


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