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Can Depression And Diabetes Increase The Risk Of Alzheimer?

Depression and diabetes seem to significantly increase the risk of Alzheimer dementia. But what role does the lifestyle play in addition? Is it forcing the downward spiral?

Depression Is a Risk for Alzheimer

In view of such prospects, prevention is increasingly becoming the focus of research. However, in order to prevent a reduction in the ability to think, it is necessary to decipher the causes in detail. Among the suspects that are considered to be the pioneers of dementia are type 2 diabetes, a so-called old sugar, and depressed disorders.

Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease

New loading material is now providing results of a survey based on the health data of the population. However, only the data of the men and women who were at least fifty years old at the beginning of the study and who did not have dementia were received.

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease

The way in which depression and diabetes , alone and above all in combination  push the degradation of cognitive abilities is not yet safe to say. In diabetics, the derailment of blood glucose levels seems to play an important role. For example, American researchers have recently shown that the risk of dementia increases with the level of glucose concentration in the blood.


Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

Even in people with depression, such harmful lifestyle factors could accelerate the cognitive downward spiral. “Characteristic of such patients is a decreased self-care.

However, it is still open whether this also detracts from the risk of alzheimer. There is little doubt on the other hand of the favorable influence of physical activity. In this way, regular exercise does not only protect against diabetes, but also prevents depression and also reduces the risk of dementia. These positive effects include an improvement in blood circulation and stimulation of neurogenesis, the formation of new nerve cells.

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