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3 Different Types Of Depression

Those who are concerned with the subject of depression will soon realize that there are different types of depression and not only the typical depression, and therefore the generalizing cannot be easily remembered. The following report identifies the most important types of depression and explains everything you should know about what it is and how you express yourself. Recognizing the symptoms is important, because the disease is still often detected far too late.

The Typical Depression

In this form, the depressed mood is a typical sign. This is already recognizable early on. Depression usually erupts in the context of very negative or painful experiences, such as loss, divorce, death, or other personal or professional problems. For many people, the general feeling of life is already rather pessimistic, so that the tendency towards depression is increased and a persistent depression can also arise.

Endogenous Depression

Endogenous depression differs from the typical depression in that there is no specific event at the beginning of the outbreak. This form of depression usually starts suddenly and abruptly. In the endogenous depression, it is usually repressed experiences that have not been processed and lead to depression much later. In men, the causes are often found in failures at work or in a loss of ownership, while women often have family or partnership problems. People suffering from endogenous depression are often very friendly and warm-hearted. Causes of endogenous depression can also be metabolic disorders in the area of neurotransmitters.

types of depression

Neurotic Depression

The often occurring neurotic depression has its roots mostly already in childhood. One of the reasons for this is a difficult parental home where domestic violence reigns. For example, the child was punished or beaten, but also a mental cruelty can be the trigger. In the course of time, an external occasion is added, which is associated with the experiences and experiences in the childhood of the person concerned can cause the neurotic depression.


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