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How To Train The Muscles In A Right Extent?

The beginning is difficult, whether at the fitness club or at home – that’s what you think. Or you’re already in training, but somehow don’t get along. But that does not have to be the case: train the muscles, you have to irritate them. Precisely to the right extent. If the stimulus is too low, no adjustment, i.e. growth, will be set. If the stimulus is too high, there is an overload, for example sore muscles or strain.

Training Level

Newcomers build relatively fast muscle mass. Advanced players who have been training for years will not achieve such rapid successes. So have patience with you, if your results also stagnate sometimes.

Hormone Status

Put more emphasis on exercises that use as much muscle mass as possible. This affects your testosterone level positively and you build up a lot of mass. Of course, it also plays a role in how much testosterone your body produces in principle.

Training Intensity

In order to stimulate the muscles and thereby to force more mass to be prepared for the next workout, appropriate training stimuli are needed. For example, if you want to develop your biceps, but only use 2 kg dumbbells, you will not see any success even after months.

Each muscle section should be trained two to three times a week at most. After the workout, the muscles that have been stressed should have up to 48 hours of time off. This is important so that the body can carry out its “repair work”: Damaged muscle tissue is dismantled, new cultivated.

train the muscles

While beginners can achieve muscle growth with 50 percent of the maximum weight per repeat, advanced athletes should exercise at 70 to 80 percent of the maximum weight. There is also the following formula: You have too little resistance if you could do some more after the predetermined number of repetitions in an exercise.


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