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Simple Rules For A Right Bodybuilding Plan

Muscle right bodybuilding is by no means rocket science, yet on the way to a muscular, fit and powerful body you can do a lot of wrong things. It’s not that long since you were at the beginning of your training career at the “edges” in your own studio. They picked up tips, advised or even trained. They watched his idols and emulated them. At that time, things were still quite simple and worked according to the classical “more is more “principle – Experts show the right basic rules to follow for a good body workout..

Beginner’s Bodybuilding Program

Change Of Course

The training plan should be changed from time to time to avoid adjustment and to set new stimuli.


Not the quantity is important, but the quality. That means it doesn’t matter how often and how long you train. Much more important is how intensive you train. For example, training up to muscular failure is significantly more effective than training up to the maximum (weight is stored prematurely).


The body needs recovery to gain muscle. Depending on how intense the training was, you should pause accordingly (the more intense the longer). The body grows during breaks and not in training. You should also optimize the length of the rest between the training sessions.


A bodybuilding training only works if you are properly nourished. In training you set the stimulus and in the recovery the body grows, but only when the diet is right. That is, if sufficient protein is available to the body, but also enough calories.

right bodybuilding


Adheres to the basic rules and design your training as simple as possible. It is not necessary to train with complex training methods! We used to think everything was going to be a complicated thing. That complicated things the pros do and they have it. The opposite is the case.


Adapt your bodybuilding training to your body. If you have weak arms, you must emphasize them in your plan. If you have weak legs, then your training should be adjusted. It is important that you consider your body as a whole and treat each area equally.

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