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Improving The Shoulder Muscles With Dumbbells

The shoulder is involved in almost all exercises for strength training. If you want to stimulate the muscle structure of your shoulder effectively, you need an optimal shoulder training with the best exercises. It is very important to always warm up the shoulder before exercising. For this purpose the front lifts are very good and can provide for a blood circulation of the muscles, with little weight.

Muscles of the Shoulder

Shoulder Press With Dumbbells

In the shoulder press with dumbbells, the front shoulder is trained, in particular, but also partly the lateral area of the shoulder. You should choose your seat position in such a way that most of the stress goes to the front shoulder, in order to target the anterior area. Unless you want that of course!

For execution it can be said that you should not lower the dumbbells too low, because otherwise you get the tension out of the muscles. Also, you should not go too far, because then you lose the muscle tension! Here you can combine the dumbbells, in contrast to the version with the barbell, the dumbbells on the way up, which increases the contraction of the muscles.

shoulder muscles

Lateral Raise With Dumbbells

In addition to the training for the challenge shoulder exercises should also be made lateral shoulder be made. Here you can take two dumbbells. If possible, make sure that you do not work with too much momentum while exercising. And try to keep your elbows bent slightly. What you should remember here is that the elbows, at the top of the execution, make up the top point of the arm. So the elbow should be over the dumbbell. This will give you a better contraction in the lateral shoulder muscles. On the other hand, the front part is more loaded.


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