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Fat Burning And Muscle Building Without Equipment Has Been A Trend For Years

Bodyweight exercises allow maximum effects with a minimum of training effort. In addition, exercising with your own body weight saves time and money. There are many good reasons why millions of fitness fans worldwide rely on losing weight and building muscle without equipment.

All bodyweight exercises have one thing in common: the muscles only work against the resistance that the body’s weight produces. Many exercises speak to whole muscle groups, some of them almost the entire body. For others, certain muscles are particularly stressed. The goal can be muscle building, but also stamina and burning calories. Among the most common bodyweight exercises are:


Mainly trains the muscles of the chest, shoulders and arms (triceps). Squat strengthens almost all muscle groups in legs and buttocks. Abdominal presses/sit-ups train the abdominal muscles.


Train numerous muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders, but especially the back. For this, a rod must be purchased for the door frame.

 Of course, it is important that the exercises are performed correctly. Incorrect postures must be avoided. This is why beginners should always rely on instructions and training plans from professional fitness coaches. If you want to run your own training on a regular basis, you should not rely solely on YouTube instructions. In-depth knowledge conveys fitness books with sensible bodyweight exercises and complete training plans.

muscle building without equipment

Get in the sports clothes and let’s go! Bodyweight exercises can be carried out in your own four walls, in the hotel, outside in the park, simply everywhere. If you are training in the gym, you will have to plan more time for the return journey and possibly for the search for a car park. Muscle building without equipment is possible and can be a lot of fun. In addition, great results come out.

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