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Why Should You Use A Natural Moisturizer?

Chances are you use a moisturizer every day. It’s a good idea to take care of your skin and there’s hundreds of different anti aging skin care products available. However it may be news to you that many skin care products, such as moisturizers which contain chemical ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate, may be putting your health at risk, and that there are powerful reasons to use a natural moisturizer.

Sodium lauryl sulphate is an excellent degreaser. Mechanics use it to degrease engines and it is also found in many soaps and shampoos. More and more consumers are becoming aware that soaps and shampoos with sodium lauryl sulphate are not good.

What is less well known is that there are many moisturizers which also contain sodium lauryl sulphate as well as a range of other chemical ingredients, many of which are known to cause cancer.

There was a study done on mice reported in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. In this study the scientists were looking to understand better the effects of caffeine on mice. As part of the study a number of moisturizers were applied to the skin of the mice 5 times a day for 17 weeks and the mice also received some UV radiation to simulate sunlight.

Each of the moisturizers used contain sodium lauryl sulphate together with other chemical ingredients like mineral oil.


The researchers were surprised to discover that the mice exhibited an increase in the risk of skin cancer and an increase in skin tumors of 69 percent.

The scientists were interested in this result and decided to rerun the study using a different moisturizer with no sodium lauryl sulphate or mineral oil. And when they did this they discovered that there was no increase in the risk of skin cancer to the mice.

So perhaps now you’re starting to see why I’m suggesting that moisturizers with sodium lauryl sulphate can put you at risk of skin cancer and maybe you’re beginning to consider buying natural face moisturizers next time you’re looking for skin care products.

Or maybe you’ve just thrown away the moisturizer you have in the cupboard now.

Unfortunately there is a wide range of chemical ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate in so many skin care products including moisturizers. And there are also many petrochemical ingredients such as mineral oil. There are natural ingredients such as the oils from fruits and nuts which are known to be safe and which are also known to be effective at moisturizing the skin but these are rarely used because ingredients such as mineral oil and sodium lauryl sulphate are dramatically cheaper.

And there are some outstanding natural moisturizers on the market. They use ingredients which are known to be safe and will not put you at risk of skin cancer. One company in particular makes an outstanding range of natural skin care products and chances are you’ve never even heard of it. None of their products contain sodium lauryl sulphate or any other known harmful ingredients.

It’s time to junk those big name anti aging skin care products which use cheap chemical ingredients that put your health at risk. And it’s time to look for natural alternatives such as high quality natural moisturizers which work well and do not put you at risk of skin cancer.

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