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Total Body Care: It Works With These Beauty Tips

Time to make the body shine again from head to toe. With these beauty tips, this is easy;

Protection Must Be Every Day

Use either a day care with a light protection factor (at least 20), or a sun lotion as a base. Even in winter, UV rays can cause irreparable damage. If you are not a fan of age spots: do not forget the back of your hand.

Lip Care

Very gentle so that this delicate lot is well cared for, a regular peeling is recommended. It needs: 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Mix everything and pour into a tins. If necessary, gently massage and rinse. The lips are now so rosy that lipstick becomes superfluous.

Eco-Friendly Peelings Without Microbeads

Mini pellets made of non-degradable plastic solve dead skin scales and horns. A moisture mask after that, like also in fleece form, makes your skin bulging and fine.

Good Habits

With increasing age more and more often. Besides sleep and protection: enough drinking, no fast food, cola only when the stomach rebells, regular exercise in the fresh air, little alcohol and no cigarettes.

The Fast Glow

Granted, it takes some overcoming, but the best against a tired winter complexion is freezing water as the first care step in the morning. 2 drops of addition Concentré Eclat of Clarins mixed into the day cream, gives such a healthy glow as if you had just a relaxing weekend behind you.

Hair Conditioner

The oil at room temperature simply give in it wet hair-ensures a super combability and can also be given simply as a care in the tips.

Hair Mask

Add some honey with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar and apply as a 5-minute conditioner.

total body care


The containing vitamin E and the various acids combat micro-infections, which often trigger skin impurities.


Add a natural oil with brown sugar or salt. But beware; If it is heated too high, the sugar melts and the peeling is lost.

Beauty Tips For Beautiful Legs

In summer, we want to present our legs in shorts and without unsightly dents. To combat cellulite can help caffeine. Mix simply cooled coffee grounds with a little shower gel, apply to the problem areas such as thighs and buttocks. Wrap with a retaining foil and then envelop and relax snugly in a blanket. The heat enhances the effect.  Rinse after 20 minutes of coffee mixture.


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