How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Summer?

During the summer the temperatures are increasing and care of your skin is exposed to the sun more often, as we wear shorter clothes. Higher temperatures and humidity increase perspiration as the body tries to cool itself. This makes the skin more oily than in winter and at the same time increases the risk of blemishes like pimples.

Best Summer Skin Tips

The basis of skin care in the summer is above all the protection of the skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation (UV protection), this is best done by suitable sun protection. To do this, always adjust the sun protection to your skin type (the brighter the skin, the higher the sun protection factor). The light protection factor should be at least 20. In this way, the skin is well protected from sunburn, which could otherwise lead to skin peeling. Furthermore, premature ageing of the skin is prevented.

Skin Care in Summer

It is also possible to protect yourself against dangerous sun rays by means of suitable clothing. Make sure your skin is covered as much as possible. You can even buy clothes with built-in UV protection.

Increased perspiration and increased formation of sebum directly lead to clogging of the pores. Therefore it is essential to clean the skin thoroughly as part of skin care, this also prevents skin impurities. For cleaning, it can also be used with eucalyptu. This keeps the pores pure and also has a refreshing effect. Care products should contain little fat and a weekly deep cleansing mask that can help to protect the skin from unsightly pimples.

care of your skin

Summer Skin Care

Always rinse your body with cool water after swimming to remove chlorine and salt. A shower gel or shower lotion supports the cleaning effect. To give the skin a little more moisture, you can then use a body lotion or an after-sun product.

Too hot water increases the moisture loss of the skin. Better are lukewarm and short showers in the summer. Colder water also ensures that the blood circulation improves and the skin becomes firmer. Ideally you use a shower body milk or a moisturizing cream shower, both contain cream and thus counteract the drying out of the skin during the shower process.


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