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Super Care Methods For A Younger And Healthier Face

Youthful appearance is the dream of almost everyone. Our face is often decisive for a younger appearance. But without diligence no price-pampering facial care is absolutely necessary to slow down the aging process of the skin.

Cleansing Milk Instead Of Water

Water alone is not able to solve the greasy mix of tallow, cream and makeup of the skin. This requires lipophilic (fat-releasing) substances, such as those contained in cleansing milk. Rub the cleansing milk best with the fingertips or a sponge and let it act briefly and rinse with plenty of warm water.

For Sensitive Or Dry Skin Face Water

Without alcohol in order not to burden the fat and moisture balance of a sensitive or dry skin in addition, no facial water should be used with alcohol, but only alcohol-free tonics or thermal water sprays. This prevents redness, inflammation and itching.

Masks-Fast Beauty Makers

The effect of masks is immediately visible, therefore masks are also called the fast beauty makers of cosmetics. Masks with a high moisture content allow the skin cells to swell up, thereby making the skin more plump, fresher and smoother, reducing wrinkles. For the stressed skin there are special moisturizing masks like menthol, mint, camphor etc. They act refreshing and cooling, redness and swelling disappear.

Vitamin C Revives Skin

Strained skin comes back into swing with vitamin C. Contained in creams, it stimulates the formation of the skin’s own collagen fibres and also stimulates the cellular metabolism.

Moisturizing Cream On Moist Skin

Moist skin is swollen and receptive as dry. So it is advisable to apply moisturizing creams in this state in upward and circular movements.

A Lot Of Drinking

The body consists of over 70 percent of water. If there is a lack of moisture, wrinkle wrinkles are quickly produced, so it is advisable to drink at least 3 liters, preferably mineral water or unsweetened tea.

Caution In Extreme Diets

In extreme variations of body weight, the elastic fibres of the skin are also affected. Massages, sports and personal care can be prevented here. However, weight fluctuations up to two kilos are harmless.

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Night Creams Support Regeneration

At night, the cell rate is eight times higher than the day and the regeneration process is running at full speed. At morning light swelling can be seen that the removal of lymphatic fluid and slag at night does not work as well. Night creams with active ingredient complexes from ginkgo, pro-vitamin E, amino acids from wheat proteins and so on. Support the regeneration of the skin.

Milk For Smooth Skin

A milk, relaxed bath makes beautiful and a smooth dry, sensitive skin. The causes are the milk sugar, which is a great moisturizer and a lot of vitamins, minerals, lactic acid, fat and protein. All these components are important for the regeneration and nutrition of the cells.


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