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Many Clever Cosmetic Tips You Can Do At Home For Beauty

Discover simple ways to care for your beauty with grandma’s old home remedies and useful things from the household. This is how you find your natural beauty from the inside. The cosmetics have always meant body care and beauty care. Of course also the preservation and improvement of one’s own beauty.

Natural Home Remedies For Long And Healthy Hair

Oils give the hair many vitamins and minerals. These should not contain any silicones because they are harmful to your hair. Argan oil is recommended, it cares intensively and prevents breakage. Also recommended is avocado, it cares for the hair and moisturizes. This oil is especially suitable for dyed hair. Also oils such as almond oil and macadamia are excellent hair care products. It’s important that you wash your hair on a regular basis. However, even washing the hair often can be harmful, especially for the scalp. Every 2-3 days you should wash your hair thoroughly. You can also use an additional rinse or a cure.

Fingernails, Teeth And Eyebrows

Small but a big wow effect have nails, teeth and eyebrows on the opposite. Those who pay attention to cleaner and honed nails, regularly go to the cleaning of the teeth and pluck their eyebrows is looked after by others. In addition, there is always time for this. No matter if you just look at the latest TV show. Body care can always be run parallel to the evening program.

Honey Mask For Pimples

You mix some honey with a tablespoon of skinny quark. Clean the face with warm water and dry it with a towel. Then you put the mass on the face and let it work for 10 minutes. The fabrics quickly move into the skin and soothe them. After the reaction time, wash them again with warm water and dab the face dry.

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Facial Peeling

First, the facial skin should be washed well, then do not use creams or face water. Then rub the mixture on the dry and clean skin in very gentle and circular movements for about two minutes. The emphasis here is on gentle, as the peeling product is quite coarse and can be caused by excessive pressure redness. The eye area should be omitted. After rubbing, the mixture can remain on the skin for a few minutes like a mask, then it should be washed gently with warm water.

Body Peeling

Any facial peeling can also be used as a full body scrub. One should only pay attention to the higher required quantity in the production.


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